Product Overview

AC drives


Our low and medium voltage AC Drives are designed for tough industrial automation applications. As the leader in VSD (Variable Speed Drive) equipment and applications, we add value through extensive integration and control options, and enough diversity of design to meet your specific building and factory system needs.

Soft Starters


Our low and medium voltage Soft Starters are designed and manufactured to reduce starting current, service intervals and cost of ownership thereby preventing potential damage and maximising motor life span. Ideal applications are pumps, fans and conveyors.

 PLC I/O Systems


Our family of cost-effective PLC, I/O Systems and PLC Software offers a wide range of automation solutions to meet every requirement in all performance classes including programmable logic controllers, PLC systems with matching I/O, as well as high-performance PLC for complex automation tasks.

Auxiliaries & Add-Ons


Varispeed’s family of auxiliaries and add-ons offers a wide range of communication protocols, encoders, tachometers, stroboscopes and surge protection devices.

Visualisation & HMIs

HMIs &

Whether the Panel PC or Smart Panel model, we offer the right HMI solution for monitoring and controlling your tasks and processes. Equipped with Movicon HMI Editor - the standard for industrial automation, remote maintenance, industry and building automation - these displays are easier to programme and user-friendly.

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