Over 35 years experience in a broad range of industries

Water & Waste Water Water & Waste Water Solution

Water &

Varispeed has in-house engineered automation solutions, which make water treatment plants more efficient and cost-effective. These systems provide several benefits for plant managers, including remote monitoring, better data, a more efficient process and access to predictive maintenance strategies.

Oil & Gas

Oil &

We have vast experience supplying AC Drives and Soft Starters to the oil & gas industry. Our products can be found on pumps (centrifugal, positive displacement, and metering), centrifuges, conveyors, mixers, extruders, fans and blowers. Varispeed’s automation solutions allow for scalable process optimisation affording the customer the opportunity to more accurately monitor processes thereby increasing ROI.

material handling Food & Beverage, Packaging, Material-handling

Industry: Food & Beverage | Packaging | Material-handling | Paper & Pulp | Sugar

For the many specialty machines used to process and package products, our AC Drives and Servo Systems are renowned. Our organisation is trusted for performance and quality; and reliability is the foundation of our installed base of products in these industries. With Varispeed you will minimise downtime, increase production rates, improve human-to-machine communication and incorporate recipe management.

Our motion-centric solution allows customers to monitor and improve operations efficiency. We offer a broad range of products within the AC Drives and Servos category to meet the needs of every environment from conveyors to high speed pick and place applications.

mining mining solution


Our A1000HHP Drive is designed as a modular system offering separate sections for the converter and inverter. Varispeed’s modular layout is flexible, and allows users to modify the drives from 414 to 2,000-amp ratings, affording a wide array of application options.

Marine motor control solution Marine


Temperature, electrical power quality, space, EMC and certification issues: installing variable speed drive systems in marine settings has its own unique challenges. Tropical or arctic oceans, storm or rough swell, on the surface or at a depth of 6,000 meters, for more than 35 years Varispeed has been equipping ships of all types with drive and control solutions for numerous different tasks.

Heating/ventilation Airconditioning hvac


Varispeed is well placed to help building owners, consultants, contractors and OEMs to maximise equipment efficiency and to keep pace with technology and legislation. We are a leader in variable speed drives and solutions for the HVAC industry and our devoted AC Drives for HVAC and refrigeration systems are designed to meet the needs of modern commercial buildings.

Agricultural & Farming Agricultural & Farming

Agricultural &

Varispeed offers specialised engineered solutions to enhance pump flow or constant pressure for irrigation and pumping requirements. Our VSDs provide constant pressure outputs and reduce pump wear whilst boosting productivity, improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Specialised in-house solar solutions engineered for VSD applications in the following configurations: Pure Solar, Solar with AC Back-Up and Solar Assist.

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