Why do Android mobile devices support a USB-On-the-Go (OTG) connection between DriveWizard Mobile and the Yaskawa drive, but Apple iOS devices do not?

Wired connections between DriveWizard Mobile and the Yaskawa AC drive require mobile devices support USB -OTG. Most Android mobile devices include USB-OTG, however Apple mobile devices do not; therefore, the only way Apple devices can communicate with Yaskawa drive is via Bluetooth, which requires the optional Bluetooth version of the keypad. Android mobile devices support both methods (cable connection and Bluetooth).

What is a "Multi-Function Digital Input"?

The functions for digital inputs can be changed to suit application requirements. The most common functions are chosen as factory defaults and pre-programmed into the drive..Settings for these type of inputs are referred to as, "Multi-Function". Normally (i.e., at factory settings), an auxiliary frequency reference has already been set, although gain, bias, or preset speed can be chosen by the user.

What is 2-Wire Control and 3-Wire Control?

These are the names of common methods that determine how the drive Run/Stop function is controlled. In 2-Wire Control, a maintained contact closure causes the drive to run. When this same contact is opened, the drive will stop. In 3-Wire Control, a momentary contact closure causes the drive to run. The drive runs until a separate, normally closed contact, is momentarily opened.

What happens if the STOP button on the Digital Operator is pressed, while the drive is being controlled remotely by START/STOP circuitry connected to the drives I/O terminal block? Can the drive be restarted locally?

When the drive is stopped locally while running in two-wire control, the remote run command is never actually removed. This means there is a continuous remote run command that has been overridden by the Digital Operator stop command. In order to restart the drive, one of two things can be done. Either the main 230/480V drive input power can be cycled, or the remote run command can be removed and then reapplied.

There is an alternative, if cycling drive power or toggling the remote run is undesirable in the case above.

A recommended solution would be to install a local STOP switch at the drive, Install the normally closed STOP switch in series with the remote run contact and the two-wire start/stop terminal located on the drive. This way the drive can be stopped locally, and the run contact can be removed and reapplied right at the drive.

What does it mean when the drive has a RUN command and the STOP light is flashing on the drive display?

If the 'Stop' LED is flashing and the 'Drive' light is on, the drive is receiving a run command, but has either no frequency or a zero (0) frequency reference.

What are the concerns when operating a motor with a AC drive rated for less output voltage than the motor namplate . Example: The AC drive rating is 480 VAC and the motor is 600VAC.

This is not recommended. Essentially, the motor needs a specific proportion of voltage to frequency to product rated torque. The motor will not be able to provide the torque that it should, because it is drawing more current to make up the lack of voltage. The motor will be unable to deliver it's rated power (kW).

How does electronic thermal (motor protection) work?

The motor heat characteristics are simulated by observing the motor current and operating frequency data. The motor is protected from overheating within its entire speed range. The motor characteristics differ by motor type, thus it is necessary adjust the inverter programming for the appropriate motor type, i.e., standard motors or inverter-duty motors. When dealing with multiple motors connected to one drive, a thermal relay is required for each individual motor. Most Yaskawa drives contain a UL approved motor overload protection such as Class 20. Refer to the specific Drive specifications for details.

Can the brake coil of a brake-motor be put directly across the motor winding when the motor is run by a VFD?

No, a brake coil should not be connected to the motor terminals of the AC drive.. Although this was common practice when the motor was controlled by an electro-mechanical contactor or disconnect from the power line, it will not work with a variable frequency drive (VFD). Not only will the brake coil cause excessive load on the VFD output, but the brake coil may burn up or not energize at all because the VFD output is variable voltage and variable frequency and is tailored to the motor, not the brake.

Can I control Start/Stop of my drive by just applying and removing input power?

No. You never want to control Start/Stop of the motor by applying and cutting power to the inverter. This will stress the input diodes, precharge resistor and precharge contactor of the inverter and eventually cause failure.

Are common multimeters able to measure the correct output voltage of the VFD?

An inverter provides a PWM output voltage waveform. Most digital multimeters (DMM) measure the peak voltage and calculate the average. In order to obtain an accurate output voltage reading a "true RMS" meter with selectable low pass filter is needed. Other reliable and accurate instruments include an oscilloscope.
Many true RMS meters display readings 20 to 30% higher than the drive's controller display as most of true RMS digital multimeters have wide bandwidth. These multimeters are measuring the carrier frequency/switching frequency generated by VFDs. The low pass filter (LPF) is designed to help block unwanted voltages above 1 kHz when measuring AC voltage or AC frequency. The LPF can improve measurement performance on composite sine waves that are typically generated by inverters and variable frequency motor drives. Please see the attached for additional support links.

Yaskawa GA500 VSD’s

Where does the GA500 fit into Yaskawa's family of drives?

The GA500 will be a complement to the GA800 as a high-performance, compact, and economical microdrive.

What motors can the GA500 operate?

The GA500 can operate an induction motor, permanent magnet motor (internal and surface mount), and synchronous reluctance motor.

What keypad options are available for the GA500?

GA500 offers optional LCD keypads with or without Bluetooth that can be used with the drive. These keypad provides descriptive text, real time clock, and data logging capabilities. The optional keypads can be remote mounted using kit 900-239-230-001.

What is Yaskawa DriveCloud, and what products does it support?

Yaskawa DriveCloud is free storage for your specific configuration information pertaining to your drives. It allows you to store things like parameter sets, application notes, photos, etc. unique to each of your Yaskawa drives with their own serial number and your account credentials. Your information is secure and only accessible by you. DriveWizard Mobile and the DriveCloud support these Yaskawa AC drive products: GA800, GA500, FP605, HV600, and HV600 Bypasses. DriveWizard Mobile supports the newest generation of Yaskawa AC drives and does not support previous generation Yaskawa AC drives.

What is the rating of the GA500’s 24 Vdc output?

The GA500 24 Vdc power supply can provide up to 150 mA.

What is the maximum output frequency of the GA500?

The GA500 is capable of 590 Hz output. Please contact us if you have an application requiring greater than 590 HZ.

What is the maximum connection distance of the Bluetooth keypad?

You can connect via Bluetooth up to 10 m (33 ft) in free air. Any obstructions can reduce this distance.

What is the functional safety rating of the GA500?

The GA500 has a safe torque off (STO) circuit that meets SIL3 per IEC 620161 and PLe per ISO 13849-1.

What is the design life of the GA500?

The GA500 is designed to last ten years. This is based on 80% load, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a 40 ºC ambient temperature.

What is DriveWizard Mobile, and what products does it support?

DriveWizard Mobile is a free application tool for use on both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. It provides colorful intuitive drive programming, parameter backup, cloud access, troubleshooting help, and access to mobile-friendly instructions. DriveWizard Mobile and the DriveCloud support these Yaskawa AC drive products: GA800, GA500, FP605, HV600, and HV600 Bypasses. DriveWizard Mobile supports the newest generation of Yaskawa AC drives and does not support previous generation Yaskawa AC drives.

Is the GA500 conformal coated?

Yes, the GA500 is conformal coated to meet IEC60721-3-3, 3C2, 3S2.

I have an existing DWEZ program that was written for V1000. Can I reuse the program on the GA500?

Yes, DWEZ 10 has a project conversion feature that can quickly and easier convert your V1000 DWEZ project to a GA500 DWEZ project.

I am replacing my V1000 with a GA500. How can I convert the parameters quickly?

DriveWizard Industrial has a project conversion program that can quickly and easily convert your V1000 parameters for use in a GA500.

How can I receive training on the Yaskawa GA500 & GA700 VSD’s?

Varispeed offers GA500 & GA700 Training. Contact your local representative or visit our website www.varispeed.co.za for contact details.

Do I need to cycle power when changing communication parameters?

Communication parameters can be made active in the drive WITHOUT the need to power cycle the drive. This can be accomplished by changing parameter H5-20 for Modbus RTU or F6-15 if using a network option card. F6-15 can be used on firmware revisions listed in the attached compatibility matrix on INV-83RWO7.

Do I need an adapter plate when replacing a V1000 with a GA500?

The GA500 has the same dimensions and mounting holes as a V1000. No adapter plate is necessary when replacing a V1000 with a GA500.

Does the GA500 have DC input voltage capability?

Yes, the GA500 is UL rated for DC voltage input.

Does the GA500 have a copy keypad feature?

Yes, you can copy one parameter set into the GA500’s standard LED keypad and upload that parameter set into another drive.

Does the GA500 automatically back up my parameters?

The GA500 will automatically back up your parameters when using the optional JVOP-KPLCA04MEB LCD keypad or JVOP-KPLCC04MBB Bluetooth keypad.

Does GA500 offer an integrated EMC filter option?

Yes, the GA500 offers a factory installed, integrated EMC filter version.

Can the standard GA700 LCD keypad be used on the GA500?

Yes, the GA800 LCD keypad is a compatible option for the GA500 drives.

Can the GA500’s standard keypad be remote mounted?

Yes, the GA500’s standard keypad can be remote mounted using kit ZPBA-GA500.

Can I reuse the option card that's installed on my V1000 on the GA500? Or do I need to purchase a new card?

Most V1000 option cards can be reused on the GA500. Attached is a compatibility matrix for your reference.

Whether reusing an existing or purchasing a new option card, you will require the option card carrier JOHB-GA50 to be able to mount the option card onto the GA500.

If flashing of the option card is recommended or required, please contact your local distributor or Varispeed Representative for assistance.

Can I program the GA500 without any type of power applied to the drive?

Yes, using the USB port. Using DriveWizard Industrial or DriveWizard Mobile (USB-OTG), it will provide enough power to write parameters to the drive.

Can I DIN rail mount the GA500?

Yes, the GA500 can be DIN rail mounted using field installed kit.

Can I connect my smartphone or tablet to the GA500?

Yes, you can achieve this with DriveWizard Mobile using a USB On-the-Go (OTG) cable or optional Bluetooth keypad.

Yaskawea GA700 VSD’s

Where does the GA700 fit into Yaskawa's family of drives, and what does it offer beyond the A1000?

The GA700 is Yaskawa's new general purpose, high-performance industrial drive. Over time, it will take the place of the A1000. The GA700 brings higher performance, greater flexibility, and increased ease of use including mobile device tools. Also, refer to document PC.GA700.01 for a high-level side-by-side comparison.

What are the new capabilities of DriveWizard Industrial, and will it be backward compatible?

The new DriveWizard® Industrial has not only undergone a cosmetic upgrade, but it also has a new feature to support the GA700 data logging function. It is compatible with the new generation of drives like GA700, the 1000 series, and previous generations already supported. It also supports parameter set conversion from A1000 to GA700 and works seamlessly with DriveWizard Mobile parameter sets.

How does the physical size of the GA700 compare with the A1000?

To accommodate design features, the GA700 is slightly deeper than A1000, but there are many footprint advantages.

Can you use gateway mode with a mix of GA700 and GA500 drives?

Yes, you can have a mix of GA700 and GA500 drives for gateway mode.

Can the standard GA700 LCD keypad be used on the GA500?

Yes, the GA700 LCD keypad is a compatible option for the GA500 drives.

Are adapter plates available for mechanical mount retrofitting of A1000?

Yes, information is in the GA700 selection guide and price book.

Are A1000 options compatible with GA700? Can GA700 options be used with A1000?

All feedback cards, I/O cards, and network cards used with A1000 are also compatible with GA700. GA700 keypads and mechanical kits are different and are not supported on previous generation products.

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