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Varispeed: Meeting the Needs of the Mining Industry

Both above and below ground, Varispeed keeps the interests of its customers top-of-mind, all the time. Varispeed was recently approached by a platinum mine in South Africa to assist with a robust application requirement. The challenge Three induction motors were required to run a conveyor belt at the mine. These motors had to pull and share the load simultaneously which was achieved through the drooping control method.  Jonathan Molepo, Projects and Services Engineer for Varispeed says that this is done by limiting inrush currents to the motors, controlling the speed and protecting the motors…

Varispeed 2020 and beyond

Varispeed is a specialist partner in electronic motor control and automation solutions to many local manufacturers and end users in a diverse range of markets. Managing director, Ralph Real knows only too well the challenges facing business in the current economic climate. He says that South Africans are resilient and always find the good, the humorous and the optimistic side of every situation, but 2019 was a trying year for many sectors in the economy. “Superior value, tough competition and strong differentiation are critical factors for Varispeed South Africa,”he says. “Customers require…

Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Modernised irrigation control system As a preferred supplier to the agricultural industry due to proven reliability and performance, Varispeed designs, manufactures and distributes constant pressure solutions. With a good knowledge of the industry, it has insight into the system challenges and their unique requirements. Agricultural irrigation systems require precise pressure control in the distribution of water systems to ensure constant pressure; this constant pressure also ensures energy savings. Varispeed’s irrigation solutions are specifically designed to protect electrical motors, pumps…