Varispeed is a specialist partner in electronic motor control and automation solutions to many local manufacturers and end users in a diverse range of markets. Managing director, Ralph Real knows only too well the challenges facing business in the current economic climate. He says that South Africans are resilient and always find the good, the humorous and the optimistic side of every situation, but 2019 was a trying year for many sectors in the economy.

“Superior value, tough competition and strong differentiation are critical factors for Varispeed South Africa,”he says. “Customers require real value at highly competitive pricing. The market is constantly changing, and remaining dynamic, resilient and agile whilst exceeding our customers’ expectations are key factors for our ongoing success.”


Moving forward into 2020, Ralph believes that stability and reliability of state-owned service delivery will force businesses to adapt in order to remain viable and competitive. “2020 will be a challenging year as the market struggles to recover. In addition, we need to factor in our ongoing electricity crisis and the negative impact that this has on productivity, job creation and our competitiveness both locally and abroad,” he adds.

The increasing international focus on climate change will spill into local business to provide energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Environmental groups will become more involved and these factors will become part of key performance indicators. Businesses will be held accountable for their part in climate change “We only need to look at the recent pressure placed on one of our competitors and the Adani Mining project by activists to realise that we can expect an increased level of scrutiny around climate change,” he comments.

“Varispeed’s success in 2020 will be largely underpinned by our proven alternative energy and energy efficient solutions. We are also focusing more of our efforts on the mining sector as well as the manufacturing sector in the sub-Saharan region as we have real value to add to these sectors. Product reliability, performance and dependable expert service are what set us apart. Varispeed remains close to the market and will continue to adapt and develop according to customer requirements to ensure that objectives are met,” he concludes.