Modernised irrigation control system
As a preferred supplier to the agricultural industry due to proven reliability and performance, Varispeed designs, manufactures and distributes constant pressure solutions. With a good knowledge of the industry, it has insight into the system challenges and their unique requirements.

Agricultural irrigation systems require precise pressure control in the distribution of water systems to ensure constant pressure; this constant pressure also ensures energy savings. Varispeed’s irrigation solutions are specifically designed to protect electrical motors, pumps and piping systems from damage, overloads or pressure surges, all whilst keeping the need for constant pressure, system reliability and energy efficiency top-of-mind.

How it works
Three 55 kW 400 VAC dual VSD modernised pressure control panels are used to control six pumps that pump water from the river into two holding dams. The system on the first dam distributes water onwards via eight single VSD panels which in turn control eight pumps, pumping the water out to irrigation blocks at 6-13 bar water pressure, user selectable based on the farmers’ requirements.

Pumping water from the second dam are eight Dual 55 kW 400 VAC VSD panels that control 16 pumps. The system distributes water into irrigation blocks at 5-16 bar. This configuration is made up of eight sets of two pumps in series that incorporate Varispeed’s simple and reliable suction and pressure control software solution, embedded directly into the VSDs thus eliminating the need for costly additional controllers.

Modernised software for a modern problem
Varispeed was approached to provide a reliable irrigation pumping scheme that supplies constant water pressure to grow table grapes. Based on this brief, it was able to produce a system that exceeded all the reliability and performance expectations.

The company designed a modernised control panel to replace the antiquated individual dial setting type systems, in favour of a more precise, user-friendly settable pressure system. The modernised system has improved the efficiency of the irrigation solution and the manner in which they can be controlled.

“Our team was able to offer the customer a complete engineered solution that exceeded the performance and reliability requirements they required,” concluded Varispeed managing director, Ralph Real.