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Electrical Switching & Drive Systems & Components

Meeting the needs of the mining industry Both above and below ground, Varispeed keeps the interests of its customers top of mind, all the time. The company was recently approached by a platinum mine to assist with a robust application. Three induction motors were required to run a conveyor belt at the mine. These motors had to pull and share the load simultaneously and this was achieved through the drooping control method. Projects and services engineer, Jonathan Molepo, says that this is done by limiting inrush currents to the motors, controlling the speed and protecting the motors from various…

Navigating Change

Tough times don’t last, tough people do When I first wrote to you at the beginning of the year, we were positive about the upward trend projected for the manufacturing sector and had high hopes for what was to come. Despite the unexpected and unprecedented twists and turns, I still feel much the same way. In tough times, the resilient, courageous, and optimistic natures of South Africans cannot be underestimated. We have supported one another through the tough times and three months into lockdown, we now work together to re-accelerate the economy. Our fighting spirits keep us going and we will…

We are Moving

We the KZN Varispeed team would like to inform you we will be moving to new premises effective as of July 1st. Our new physical address is as follows:  Unit 2, 39 Hillclimb road, Westmead, 3600 - GOOGLE MAPS  Tel: +27 31 701 8760  Fax: +27 31 701 8876 Contact Varispeed for find out more about our Reliable range of products info@varispeed.co.za


Everything you need, in a single drive. Quality Performance Flexibility Environmental friendliness Enhanced network communications Expandable I/O control From new installations to retrofits, the A1000 is custom built and installed according to your IP protection and application requirements. Suitable for the mining industry and robust, demanding applications. Contact Varispeed to find out more: info@varispeed.co.za